duromax generators

Our line of DuroMax Generators gas and dual fuel generators will keep you powered up no matter where you are. Perfect to run your off-grid lifestyle or to keep on hand for emergency backup power in case of storms or power grid failure. Dual fuel gas/propane means you have even more options for running your generator. FREE ground shipping in the continental US on all generators and we can price match any other authorized distributor. Power up today with a new DuroMax Generators!


Electricity in our home not only provides comfort but safety as well. From keeping the heat or A/C on to keeping our food cold, power is essential to our daily lives. Inevitability when disaster strikes and we are left without power for a prolonged period of time, our way of life is put at risk. This is by far the most critical time for reliable portable power.


On the jobsite, portable power allows you the ability to get work done in remote locations when traditional power sources are usually unavailable. Equipment like table saws, sanders, and work lights are a necessity and portable power can play a critical role in getting a job done successfully and efficiently.


Camping outdoors in a remote location can get one in touch with nature and allow them to forget the stress of the day to day grind. Here portable power can provide comfort as well as safety. With portable power, you can keep your cell phone charged, light up your campsite, or even brew a cup of coffee, all while being miles from civilization.

The DuroMax Generators Way is a commitment to excellence. This vision is focused on the quality, reliability, and durability of our products combined with outstanding customer service. We understand that having dependable power whenever and wherever you need it provides comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

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