How To Start Prepping

Once you have met Disaster, it is too late to start preparing.

Disaster is cunning and strikes when you are the least prepared. Let’s face it, when you are prepared for Disaster it’s a hardship, through which you can endure. When you are not prepared, Disaster can cost you property, life, limb, and loved ones.

Being Prepared, encompasses nearly everything involved in defeating Disaster. From learning the most likely form of local Disaster, buying the right equipment to deal with Disaster, to making sure you can use everything in your Emergency Kit to Defeat Disaster. From an Electrical Outage to Purifying Water, Armory Survival can help guide you through learning, getting, and doing the things you need to Survive and Thrive.

Make a plan, so you can focus your resources, your time and money, on preparing for the Disaster most likely to come to you. In Florida people have “Hurricane Boxes”, in Oklahoma “Tornado Bags”, along the Mississippi “Flood Kits” and in Texas “Ways to stay Cool”. What you need for your location will be specific to you.

You don’t need to buy everything at once, unless the hurricane is already coming your way.

Get a little something with each paycheck. Start with batteries and a flashlight. Learn what a week’s worth of canned food looks like and buy a couple of extra cans each shopping trip until you are a week ahead. Rotate through your stocks, using the oldest cans first, as matter of habit. At some point you might decide that two weeks of food is a more appropriate supply level for your personal situation. Adding emergency freeze dried foods to your stock is always a good idea as well. With a typical shelf life of

preparedness kit

20+ years, having some on hand for when other supplies run out will insure you still eat, even in the worst of times.

The most likely type of Disaster to meet is the small one. For example, a car crashes into a power line and only your immediate neighborhood is without power. It’s limited in scope and duration. The city will have power back on in a day or two tops. This is the time to test your preparation protocols. Got the flashlight and batteries, check. Can you cook on the grill? Have you worked out a deal with your cousin across town to stay at their place for a night? Did you trade emergency kits so that you have one at their place and they have one at yours? Limited, short duration events like power outages and tornados, are typically the situations where you want to shelter in place. For these event, have a well-stocked Emergency Kit.

Less likely, but more dangerously, Disaster will show up as a hurricane, flood, earthquake or other natural disaster. These events cover a wide scope and have a longer duration. They might also bring with them power outages, water purification issues, food shortages, fuel shortages, civil unrest and other problems that could make it unsafe to stay in your home. For these occasions what you need is a “bug out bag.” This is a more extensive survival system that includes many essential items that you would need to survive when you must leave your home and “bug out”. We will cover some of the top items recommended for this type of kit in a later blog post, so make sure to stop by often.

From simple to complex, Armory Survival is with you, for your preparation needs. You can go back to the store to start preparing now. Follow the links and keep reading to learn more about Emergency Preparation and how to Defeat Disaster. Once the power goes out, it’s too late to get on line and with the roads flooded, it’s too late for shipping. Disaster is a tricky scoundrel. Be Prepared. Be Alive. Survive.

Have any tips or tricks for those just starting out prepping? Please leave them in the comments below.



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