Family Prepping Is Important

Prepping is important

Especially if you live in an area where natural disasters are likely to happen. It is better to be prepared or “safe than sorry” as the saying goes. The point is that you never know what could happen whether it be a natural disaster that strikes or some random government shutdown, less likely but not impossible. Our purpose is to provide you with the knowledge and help families like yours be prepared for a disaster instead of scaring you into prepping. We want to make sure that we can help families be prepared and have the resources to support their loved ones in times of need. As we all know, when the disaster hits if you aren’t prepared everyone seems to go into panic mode. Our motto is Be Prepared, Be Alive, Survive.

There are ways to get your family involved and prepared for what may be thrown your way. Making sure you and your family have a plan in place and supplies stocked is very important in how you will survive your situation. When it comes to preparing it is important that you have an area to keep your supplies and a grab bag for quick departure if needed. You can use our checklist to build your grab bag or order survival kits which are already prepared for you from our site. There are many different ways to be prepared for situations. One of the most important is to stock up on food and water as these are some of the most basic necessities for survival.

Having your family all on the same page makes for a smooth process in the situation of an emergency

Like when you were in elementary school the firefighters would talk about house fires and need a plan to escape if your house ever catches fire. This is just a precaution which is the same thing with prepping for anything. It gets you and your family ready for the unknown. For example, in the last year there have been a large number of wildfires in California. Or if you lived in Oklahoma you would want to be more prepared for tornadoes. 

You can get your spouse and kids involved by letting them pick out their own gear. Make it a game for the kids like running them through an obstacle course for your exit plan. Kids love to have fun, make prepping fun for them by letting them help pack your grab bag or checking off items from your prepping checklist. You can also teach them new survival skills like what wild plants they can eat or showing them how to start a fire (age appropriate kids of course) with a starter kit. Not only will these drills help out your family, but your kids will have amazing skills as an adult as well.

Again, this is not to scare you into preparing for just anything. Our mission is to help guide you into being ready for situations that can be tossed your way. The purpose of a grab bag or prepping plan is to help aid in your survival in case of natural disasters or other unforeseen issues. We all know that when the weather channel says there will be massive amounts of snow most everyone’s reaction is to run to the store for last minute items like bread and milk.  We want to help you think ahead or long term. Armory Survival is here to help you have those items that you will need so you and your family will be ready for anything that comes your way.

Here are a few links to some important items to stock up on like food, water filtration and first aid.

Freeze Dried Food

Water Filtration & Storage

First Aid

Survival Kits & Stocked Bug Out Bags

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